Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Green Sweet Home...

Salam to all...

Like most of the us...we are going back to our hometown during this 'Idul Fitr. We will striving in whatever means and capacity as long as we can reach our hometown before Hari Raya. And as for me...I'm driving with my sweetie co-pilot and one little sweetie passenger...all the way from KL to KT, eastern part of Peninsular.

We took off at 9 am, through peaceful LPT highway...exit at Jabor and went through the green view of palm oil plantations along the way of Jabor - Jerangau. As a law abiding citizen, driving according to the speed limit is quite sleepy, especially in the afternoon, but thanks God there is no traffic congestion along my journey so we managed to arrive at Green Home before 3 pm, with one pit stop (but no as quick as Ferrari's Massa during the Singapore F1 last Sunday...hehehe) to help the petrol pump operator as well as for my little sweetie having her light lunch.

I arrived at a 10th places out of 13 of us...followed by my little brother at 4 pm (by plane from KLIA), and my sister from Dungun at 6 pm whereas another sister will come back tomorrow.

As usual...just before arriving my Green Home, it is like a routine for me to have a sight to my childhood green football field (where Rosdi Talib, Subri Sulung, Zulharisham Awang, Hairuddin Omar and few others were born), but now being completely transformed to a bushes by a greedy local contractor. With some bulks of allocation from the government, they supposed to improve our field, but they turned it otherwise...so, no more football boot for me during "balik kampung". Positive thinking? I "have" to come home with a golf set, to keep enjoying green view at Tuanku Mizan Golf Club in Kuala Ibai or Kuala Terengganu Golf Club in my neighbouring Gong Badak.

The 1st thing that I'm eager to do is heading to Sixth Stone Avenue or better known as "Pasor Batu Nang" to the locals. This is the heaven for me to choose variety of local delicacies which are not found in KL (or could be found but taste differently). This time I have "Rojok Kateh" (it is one of the famous Fear Factor Challenge - eating cow's ear, nose etc.) and Rojok Betik (shredded papaya, pineapple and cucumber with a sweet hot fishy gravy). Aiman Amani may have her own idea about this delicacies. Hemmm...like our local saying..."kena semangkuk, nenggok ahh" to express the real satisfaction.

Another routine for me is having a cup of tea (cups of it actually) with few good friends during my primary school life at night after Tarawikh. From sports, politics, business as well as vacations are well-discussed. But this time, short of one forumer as Mr. TMUTM are "being forced" to celebrate 'Idul Fitr at his wife's in Ipoh and will only come back to us on the 2nd of Syawal. So, with Mr. AY, Mr. AFY and Mr. AHHAR, the chats still on and hot, as usual especially regarding political matters, of course.

Tonight, as all the 13 are together again, there will a BBQ, with a "war-like" moments to the kids, having their fireworks and fire crackers.

I put a dot with that, and I'll update about it in the next posting....

"Selamat Hari Raya 'Idul Fitr, Maaf Zahir dan Batin"

Syawal 1429H

Saturday, September 27, 2008

'Idul Fitr, Syawal 1429H

Salam to all my dear followers (if any la...hehehe)...

Well, so sorry for leaving this green screen quite sometimes...due to unavoidable missions to be accomplished before this coming 'Idul Fitr break.

Worrait...what happen for the past few weeks? Actually I went to fast breaking at numerous places, namely the green Marche for a nice buffet with my wife and her best friend from KK, the SOHO Restaurant at Bangi with my wife and my daughter, then to the Monterez Golf Club for my re-union of x-PPP/ITM...with all old friends (nice to meet you all guys), plus another buffet with all MCS friends at PICC restaurant. (nicely organised by Mr. MKAG) Details of the events? You can refer to my sweetie's blog.

What else haa? Yaa...after the last posting, I managed to enjoy the green view at Seri Selangor with Mr. STR, plus 4 times at UPM (hehehe...only RM20 for 18 holes maaa...student rate maa...) with another x-PPP/ITM friend who are now becoming my new neighbour at green park, somewhere in Bangi.

Anymore? Yaaa...I went through a very hectic days for the past few weeks...dealing with the assignments as well as mid-term test. Plus another problem of red-tape in my former office. Why? It is since end of June JPA asked for our personal matters in order for them to prepare for our confirmation. Well, welcome to my office...where the culture of "malam ni meeting, pagi esok keluar minit" or "pagi meeting, petang keluar minit". Chiitt...Poodahh...yennadey!!!! On the day my colleague call from KKLW telling that they just received their confirmation letter from JPA (on the 22nd of Sept to be exact), my tip-top administative officer told me that they will send my personal matters this afternoon....Hello....from end of June till 22nd of Sept for a compilation of personal matters (which is of course already in my personal files?). Come on la...

Lastly, since it is now almost 7.00pm, I would like to wrap up with a special wish "Happy 'Idul Fitr" to all of you, drive carefully, may Allah bless you and the most important one is please fully utilise the opportunity to be with your parents, while they are still alive....(please refer to TM Net' s advertisement).

I'm so sorry for whatever I've done, "zahir & batin". I'm going back to my KayTee tomorrow till this coming Saturday....

p/s - I'm going to say "Good Bye" to my good friend Mr. MFG at KLIA, flying tonite to UK for his doctorate....all the best guu...


Syawal 1429H

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ramadhan Buffet and Another Golfing Session...

Salam to all...

Well...today we are already on the 11th day of our Ramadhan this year...and we are now on the 2nd portion of a month (to achieve marghfirah or "keampunan"). Alhamdulillah for me personally everything went smoothly so far.

Worrait...talking about the "iftar" or fast breaking session, it is now become a common scenario especially in Klang Valley for the restaurants or hotels to compete among themselves with their offer for the Ramadhan Buffet. From traditional to modern delicacies, from eastern foods to the western one...of course at different price for the different quality.

As for me, so sorry to say that I don't even bother about those things. I'm fasting in my own traditional way. However, as to fulfill my daughter's request (or you may read it as her mother's actually), a whole of my family (as big as 3 of us) and our maid went to Nelayan Restaurant at Titiwangsa yesterday to have a steamboat buffet. During peak hours, with the heavily congested traffic, we managed to reach there by 6.15pm. Thinking of it's still early, I plan to bring my little daughter for a walk but my sweetie said it is better for us to register and have a good chat at the table...

As expected, a bunch of hungry people are already seeking their "fortune" to have their "paid food". Can you imagine they all look like a group of piranha waiting for their victims to be served. In simple Malay words..."sampai udang, habis udang, sampai ketam, habis ketam..." I mean the process of transferring the food from the counter to the tables are very fast...and it is just 6.30pm. Hello people...are you dying? Come on...it is just an eight hour session for our fasting period, and it is a buffet, yet you are going to have the foods like crazy? Haiyya...

Immediately after that, I start to mumbling to my sweetie (as usual) about the "tragedy". Thinking of that, it seems that the attitude of selfishness and greedy in Malaysia are well adapted. The spirit of Ramadhan are left far away behind. Why not we just eat properly, and think a little bit about our brothers and sisters somewhere around the globe? In positive way of thinking, under current leadership...the economy in the country is still good kot (based on observation at the restaurant la)...hahaha...I put a dot for that...you may go to my sweetie's blog for some pictures.

Enough about food and hungry people...let's talk about sports. Yes, I'm going to have a great time to appreciate great green environment with Mr. STR at Seri Selangor Golf Club this morning. Yeeehaaa...and I'll update about it in my next posting.

By the way, I heard that England team managed to beat Croatia with 4-1. Please don't get me wrong, yes I'm still a "Frenchman", but I'm quite happy with England result since my Gunners player Theo Walcott got their hattrick. Bravo Walcott!!!

Worrait...now I'm going to take a bath, and happily cruising to Seri Selangor Golf Club for teeing off at 8.00am.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Green Polar Bear...

Salam to all...

What a green day...and I feel so green this morning...Why? I'd lost my wife's car key whereas her car was parked behind my car (betul ke grammar aku ning?). So instead of she can go to the office by herself, I’ve being forced to become her “Pak Supir” as the key is only found half an hour late from her routine ETD. Haiyya....

Implication? Instead of I post my own writing this morning, I only manage to get this article from Yahoo! regarding our current environmental issue. It’s quite interesting to know that due to the climate change, it is not only will affect our life (I consider human as a main factor that caused a climate change), but indirectly affect the normal life of innocent organism. Here’s the article....

TOKYO - Green polar bears are drawing questions from puzzled visitors at a Japanese zoo.

Three normally white polar bears at Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in central Japan changed their color in July after swimming in a pond with an overgrowth of algae.

The sight of green polar bears has prompted many questions from visitors concerned about whether the animals are sick or carrying mold, zoo official Masami Kurobe said Sunday.

"Visitors seem to be shocked by the color, and we are asked every day why they are so green," he said.

High temperatures in July and August and less-frequent water changes because of the zoo's conservation efforts caused an algae growth in the bear pond and safety moat, Kurobe said.

Algae that enters hollow spaces in the bears' fur is hard to rinse off, he said.

The bears are expected to return to their natural color when the algae growth subsides in November, Kurobe said.

Source : Yahoo! dated Sun Sep 7, 3:08 PM ET

Hemm...what do you think? This is maybe one of the example about the effects and impacts of our wrongdoings to the nature. But, sadly to say that only few of us in this world are concern about this matters, whereas most of us still hungrily hunting the unlimited needs of “better life”.

p/s : Can you imagine what will happen to those bears if they are fully green with a white circle at their body?



Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ramadhan and Golf....

Salam to all...

Quite hectic with nothing lately...so hardly find my sweet time to update this green screen...hahaha...

Yaa...for those who are Muslims...I hope everything is going fine...or much better than previous Ramadhan...Insya Allah.

Worrait, back to our business. Tonight I'm going to write about golf...which I believe some of us here are addicted too. (either as a golfer or just as a follower of the champions). I may consider myself as a serious beginner golfer...which it is now become my 1st choice of sports after football of course...

Why golfing? Who are responsible for introducing this heavily addicted type of sports to me? Who is encouraging me other than my sweetie tweety wife? Who are my partners in this crime? Well, some people say with the same scripts I used to express to the golfers before..."Golfing is only for the lazy people in sports and leaving the family behind especially during the weekend."

To begin with, I started to fall in love with it since 2003....where I was organising one tournament for the DO Conference in Selangor. From zero to hero, I have to know all the rules and regulations about golf, the terminology used for it and etc. Being an organising committee is not as satisfied as the personal experience in golfing...so I borrow one old set of weapons from my father-in-law and start to hitting and laughing at the driving range.

Then...after being posted to Sabah, I started to seriously involved in golfing since there were limited time for me in footballing. The person responsibled for bringing me into this golfing matters? Of course my immediate bosses there none other than Mr. ZaCO and Dato' AKAB. I'll never forget their supports and encouragement for me to play golf. From the driving range (basic hitting without laughing) till to the real battlefield, where Mimpian Jadi Golf Resort at Tuaran became my first 18 holes in golfing. What a precious experience!

After that...with complete partners in crime, namely Mr. MYA from Semporna, Mr. ARAH from JB and Mr. AAR from Lahad Datu, golfing became our weekly routine, attacking on every angle of challenges in popular golf courses in Sabah. From Marina Kudat to Borneo at Bongawan, from Karambunai to Shan Shui at Tawau, from Dalit at Tuaran to Tambunan Golf Resort.

After coming back to Malaya...the hobby of viewing green environment with sports continues, but with new partners, leaving behind my great friends MYA and AAR in Sabah. In Malaya, I enjoy my weekly golfing routine still with Mr. ARAH, whereas MYA and AAR being replaced by Mr. RMN, Mr. MKAG, Mr. WAH and few others. Being able to organise mini tournament for my few other colleagues...golfing seems to become my new hobby in sports (I like to play any type of sports; the major problem with me in sports is that once I starts playing anything, I’ll play it seriously).

How serious? Well let’s get back to the topic...Ramadhan and Golf...yes, even though we organise 2 flights golfing just few days before Ramadhan, as a closing game before a 1 month break...unfortunately this morning, after the 4th day of Ramadhan...with my partner WAH, coincidentally finished a 3 hours golfing at UPM Golf Course. Without a drop of water to drink (in fact we can’t drink at all), finishing the 18 holes with 4 pars for the gross of 95 is such a good start for an amateur golfer like me during Ramadhan...what do you think?

Till that, I really missed my golfing partners, especially Mr. ZaCO in Penang, Mr. MYA who is still in KK, Mr. AAR as well as my great buddy Mr. ARAH who is furthering his study in Oklahoma, US.

So guys...watch out...let’s see what we can do after this 'Idul Fitr.

Green Malay