Sunday, November 09, 2008

An evening after the exam!!!

Salam to all...

It is not a July 4th, not an August 31st, not as any special date, but today is my Merdeka least for this semester. Yes, I just finished final exam for this semester, thanks God it is all over, now tawakkal for the results, then go to the next stage, this January 09...insyaAllah.

So, what next? After few weeks stints with the books, notes, discussions etc, without heavy outdoor activities, sacrificing some quality time with my family, especially the little one, I think I deserve a good rest, with my great lovely family.

As a start, immediately after this, I plan to bring my little daughter to have her happy time, to the KizSport at GEM, enjoying slides, see-saw etc. Then of course for our routine weekly activity, have a leisure time together at the lake side of Titiwangsa. Enjoying nice green view in the cosy evening, it is a great pleasure for me. Observing peoples those are busy with their activities, some of them enjoying the beauty of environment, but some of them are damaging the cleanliness of nature.

I hope after this I can spare my time to update this green little screen, lots of activities yet to be updated here....although it’s a bit late to share, but much better than never. with the green

So, as for now, I put a dot here, it’s already ‘Asr praying time, see you again next updates, new stories, new experiences...but still with the green attitude.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Gunners vs The Red Devils...

Salam to all....

It is nearly a month since my last posting. It is due to my 24 hours a day are fully occupied with several activities and other daily routines...and the most important thing is I'm struggling for the exam...

Anyway, since my favourite Gunners just won over the Red Devils in the BPL few minutes ago...I would like to attach that happy news here as to share with other Gunners' Fan...

Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United

Arsenal beat Barclays Premier League champions Manchester United 2-1 at the Emirates Stadium.

Arsene Wenger got the response he wanted as Arsenal bounced back from last week's defeat to Stoke City, with victory over United.

Gunners manager Wenger admitted dressing-room morale was low after their draw with rivals Tottenham Hotspur and defeat to Stoke - but Saturday's win breathes life into their campaign and lifts them above United in the Barclays Premier League table.

Goals from Samir Nasri provided the attacking threat, taking advantage of slack marking in each half to grab his fourth and fifth of the season.

Rafael da Silva, on as a substitute, volleyed home to give Sir Alex Ferguson's men hope, but it was not enough as Arsenal claimed the points.

That's all for now, see you again after the exam....