Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy New Year!!!! Happily Ever After....

Salam to all...

Hmmm, I really don't know where to start, and how to start...but I've to start...

So sorry for not updating this "marang kerapu kepundeng" site since Dec last year till now, end of Feb 2009. Like I said before, I'm more on reading as compared to writing...

Well, I still would like to wish all of you....

  • Happy New Year 2009
  • Selamat Awal Muharram 1430H
  • Happy Birthdays to all (for those their birthdays come again this year... ;)
  • Selamat Pengantin Baru
  • Selamat Menyambut Cahayamata
Personally, this 2009 is a good start for me and my family, as we are now officially moved to our own tiny palace in Bangi....AlhamdulilLah. My Sweetie also now in her new office, with a new tasks and responsibilities...all the best Sweetie...CAIYO! CAIYO! CAIYO!.

Last 11th of Feb, my Little Sweetie reached her 3rd year in this world, Happy Birthday Amaaneey!!! I bought a cute pink bicycle for her, as promised.

And of course there was 16th of Feb to us, and now eagerly waiting for our next 13th of March.

We are now looking forward for my Mom to come to our house, and after that we will have a rest for a routine family outing to ...., before going to Kuching for another week. Heemmm...hopefully I manage to handle this, without sacrificing daily responsibilities as a full time student.

Politically, nothing much I can comment here, but it seems still the same as before, talking the same thing (both government side or opposition side)...I really don't know when they will deliver their manifesto...especially for the most complicated state in this world, Perak. One by-election in KT, and now waiting for another two by-elections in Perak and Kedah respectively, and maybe Bukit Lanjan as well?

Arsenal? Still progressing, wait for another posting for my comments. As for golf, I've joined two "mini" tournaments this year, with a quite satisfactory results...

Tomorrow, my x-golf mate Mr. RMN will come home for a short holiday, and next week my great friend Mr. MYA will come to Malaya for a short course, which definitely means we will have a great time for a golfing sessions together.

As to wrap up this posting...have a great time ahead to all of you, make full use of your five matters, before come another five problems to you.

With that, see you!!!